Temporary Housing Program

The Patriots Landing Temporary Housing Program for veteran couples and families was established in 2014 in response to a growing need to provide housing services to veteran couples and families that were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.


Assist veteran couples and families in obtaining the necessary benefits, skills and resources needed to secure permanent housing. Download our brochure to find out about eligibility, supportive services and guidelines.


The Connecticut Veterans Home, founded in 1864, was the first home for veterans in the country. The Home served the needs of thousands of Service members from various wars until 1940 when it was relocated to its current location in Rocky Hill, where the support and care for Connecticut veterans continues.

Residential Facility

Mother and Daughter HuggingThe Residential Program provides veterans with a continuum of rehabilitation services and programs designed to return them to independent living. Residential staff members assist each veteran in developing an individualized rehabilitative plan outlining his or her goals and objectives and removing barriers to achieving them.

Following a four-month billing grace period, each veteran admitted to the residential facility will be billed at a rate determined by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Download our brochure for information about eligibility and services.