Connecticut Boys State Foundation

Young Boy With FlagThe Foundation believes in inspiring young men and women to become active and engaged citizens in our democracy. As a result, we are empowering our youth to fulfill their own goals and aspirations while communicating and demonstrating compassion toward others. Our hope is that through the work of the Foundation, we are able to instill a sense of community within the delegates of Boys State which is focused on creating a better society for our children's children and inspiring to action and leadership to create enduring change that will last a lifetime.

Mission – A Brief History

Established in January 2015, the Connecticut Boys State Foundation was organized by a group of volunteers dedicated to enhancing and further developing the already successful Boys State Leadership Program, run and operated by The American Legion's Department of Connecticut. Shortly thereafter, in June 2015, the Foundation expanded to include the Laurel Girls State Program, run and operated by The American Legion Auxiliary's Department of Connecticut.